While I was in the middle of my dancing career and in the middle of my studies, I had a car accident.


There was this gorgeous sunny day. I was in a totally happy, cheerful mood.

Two days before I did pass yearly exams in both of my daily studies: Civil Engineering and Architecture… and I decided to go for a ride just to enjoy the day…

Well, I did not even drive more than 5 minutes away from my home and bang!!! An accident happened.


A woman did not stop at the STOP sign and drove with a speed you normally drive on a highway into my car…


which directly after crash went to scrap metal. And I was taken to the hospital, where I stayed for 3 weeks.

In general, I could not stand on my own feet. Feeling in my hands and slightly in my legs was disappearing, I started to see everything double and I did not have any balance. In other words, my body wanted to be in a horizontal position. Actually, I do not remember much except that I was on drugs, sleeping most of the time.


For a few months I was wearing the collar, through which my upper body become like a jelly.


When finally, I stopped wearing it, I was unable to keep my head up. Sitting in front of the computer screen was just impossible, because I did not have enough muscle strength to keep my head up and the world was just spinning off.


The recovering…


Of course, I went to different physiotherapists, but I did not feel much of improvement after many different treatments. The pain in my head, neck and shoulders was still there. As were the tinteling, walking like a drunken man without proper balance and the falling head.


I decided to do something about it… I still had my dream goal and I wanted to go back to the competitive dancing.


However, in that stage, I knew, there was no other way as to start everything from the beginning.

As a child makes the first baby steps, so did I.

After a time of doing gentle exercises at home, I subscribed to the basic ballet class.

And I can tell you it was the best idea, but in the same time one of the toughest experiences ever.

On my first class, I did the exercises very easily. When the lesson was finished, I wanted to go back home…but I couldn’t. My body felt so waisted. I was unable to pick my leg up to go down the stairs. I had still the balance problems and could not keep myself up in a vertical direction. The only thing I could think of was crawling back home.

It took me 3 hours to come back home, when normally it would take me 12 minutes.


The huge determination, which I learned as a child during my everyday trainings, kept me going.


The true workout with and of myself started.

It was obvious, that this is going to be a nightmare at the beginning. However, I was aware, that I had to go through this, to be able to stand on my own feet on the dance floor again.

And so, I did!

Lots of pain, effort, feeling hopeless. I hated it.


The beginning was really difficult, but I tried my best to embrace the situation.


After a couple of weeks (maybe a few months) I began to feel the difference. Slowly I started to feel more power in my muscles and that I could coordinate more movements during the basic dance lessons.

Some days were better than others. Sometimes there were these moments when I wanted to give up, but then what…?! Sometimes I was crying, angrily asking why?! Did it help me? No!

Then again, humbly I was doing all the needed exercises to be moving with the baby steps forward.

It was a loooong journey. Which gave me lots of knowledge and strengthen persistence in me.


My idea for the better and faster recovering by joining the basic ballet dance class, gave my body a very smart workout!


Why dance gives a ‘smart workout’? It is because, dance incorporates movements on all planes of motion and in all directions.

So, if I would decide to only walk, run or maybe cycle (like most people do before or after work), I would be using only one – sagittal plane (while we have still lateral and rotational planes to use!).

Dance incorporates all these 3 planes of movement, which means much better muscles workout and greater benefit for the body happens in the same time. What is more, due to a workout which combines 3 planes of movement (in other words working on the strengthening of muscles in 3D), I had to keep up to the music tempo.


That helped a lot to relearn my muscles how to keep the balance and the vertical position.


As well, I became very aware of how I was moving my body. That gave me not only the muscle, but as well the mental strength. I felt, that I was finally in charge of what my body was doing.

What also helped, was the support of the other class members and the good approach of the lovely teacher. I could see that I was not alone and not only me was struggling with exercises.

When I look back at to all that experience and effort, I can say that it was a long journey and that I did an amazing job! I am really proud of myself. In that period of time I learnt a lot. And I know that, if I would do only physiotherapy or just the typical gym stuff for recovering from the care accident, I would never be able to do what I do now!


If you wanna know more or have questions, please leave the comments below or contact me here

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