Do you have a problem with learning languages or is it a piece of cake for you?

I travel to many countries and I observe that the more we interact with locals the faster we are learning languages. And the process of it is done in let’s say a “natural way”. We are learning languages by visual, the gestures, tone of voice, the way words are used in a sentence and from the situation itself.

But what if we have just a few days or a longer weekend to spend somewhere?

In general, when you travel you can do okay in many countries if you know English, Spanish or French language. However, in some countries you might not understand each other if you do not speak the language of the community. And by that loose the chance to make a connection with the people there.

Myself, wherever I go, I always try to join at least 1-2 different dance parties, to mingle with locals. And guess what, many doors are directly open for me, because I know how to dance.

Through dance I meet so many cool people and visit truly amazing places on this planet.

I seriously have lots of fun wherever I go, and I am so thankful to my parents that they were persistent in – that I should learn dancing!

And the most brilliant of this, is the fact that when you learn how to dance in a good way, you will be able to “speak” this (I dare to say it) World Language everywhere.

Of course, in some places there might be different music or slightly different customs, but you learn very quickly how to react and how to “start a conversation” (I’m still talking about dance here).

What’s more, dance gives you such freedom and joy everywhere you go!

And it is so!

Everywhere where people find out that I could dance, I felt really appreciated and special in a way. It is a heartwarming feeling, which inspires me to build my network of amazing friends.

To conclude, if you have troubles in learning different languages try this one – DANCE language.

This skill will make your life much easier, especially when you wanna go out in a foreign country and cannot say a word to impress the opposite sex.

If you do not know where and how to start, check this out

Have a good one 😉

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