Can a football or a soccer player benefit from dance? 

That might maybe sound crazy, but there are many football and soccer players, who seriously use dance to improve their stamina, muscle strength, focus and as well psychical resistance. 

If you are familiar with gentdance you know that my aim is to inspire you to shine especially thankfully to dance. Therefore I search for some good articles on this subject. And I’m totally excited to share this one with you! Here we go 😉

This article is written by Jack Gerard (USA), a former nationally ranked sport fencer, coach, trainer and a writer. 

In his article

“What Ballet Does for Football” Gerard shows the similarities about ballet and football,  

which are:
– the same muscle groups are used
– similar skills are required
– even some of the injuries are common! 

“Because of these similarities, the cross-training can improve a football player’s performance on the football field.
Professional footballers such as Vance Johnson and Akili Smith even attribute ballet to their overall success on the field.”

Can you imagine this?

Furthermore, Gerard writes, that as a result of exercising dance moves improves:

“helps players to avoid tackles and makes catches and can reduce the likelihood of injuries of joins such as the knee and shoulders….

…NFL Hall of Fame member Lynn Swann even credits his graceful performance in games in part to flexibility that he learned from ballet and other dance classes, adding that this training helped him achieve body control, balance and a sense of rhythm and timing. (You can learn about rhythm and timing from Dance Moves For Men here) 

Speed and Agility
“…strengthens the legs, knees and ankles and makes use of rapid leg movements, all of which aid in the development of a faster running speed…football players who study  ballet become more agile and learn to recover their speed quickly after changing direction or spinning to avoid a tackle.” 

“ballet helps to develop muscular strength without adding significant amounts of bulk to the body” 

“Improving balance through ballet training makes it easier for football players to make leaping catches without loosing their footing and to stay on their feet while opponents try to tackle them or strip the football rom their hands.

Mental Focus
Dance as “ballet requires a lot of focus”… this “training can also reduce the effects of performance anxiety, allowing football players to play their best even if they get nervous in front of the crowds.”

“…form of dance are considered aerobic exercises because the muscles used during dance sessions and training require a large amount of oxygen to perform; this results in an increased workload for the lungs and heart as they attempt to provide this oxygen…For football players, this translates to increased endurance on the football field, allowing their bodies to run, jump and face impacts from other players for a longer period of time without tiring.”

Stay tuned for the next post…you will be surprised!


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