Students and sports. It was an exam day in physical tests for the whole bunch of students. The reason why I was there was just my curiosity about one boy who I know from a dance class.


To explain you my curiosity better, I quickly go back in time…


When I was a kid, I remember myself as hyperactive and constantly dancing human being. From time to time I did other sports too. However, I seriously did everything not to run. It just did not appeal to me. Exception was a play when you need to run to catch somebody – that was fun 😉

Naturally, I continued dancing every day.

Some years later, while I was at college, it turned out, that we had to do some physical tests to pass the year. And of course what was the best scoring test? Yep, the running! The aim of it was to check the speed and stamina of a student.

I got scared and thought, “I never run and I do not like to run. How on Earth I can pass these tests?” In my head arrived a picture that I would need to do the tests once again during the summer break, while I already had plans for that time – totally different to these kinds of sports!

While I felt completely miserable I noticed a running man being busy with the tests. Than I thought about dance stamina trainings and a new message came to my mind: ‘I will do my best and let see how my stamina is’.

I did the tests keeping in mind my dance background trainings. When it got harder and more challenging, I visualized that I was dancing a competition. There was no way to stop or to show being wasted.

At the end when we got the summary of our results, I was shocked – I got one of the best scores of the year!


How is that possible?


I will explain you this in a moment. Let’s first return to my friend Robert and his tests.

He’s running background and need for running was similar to mine, which is: if not needed why bother?

Till today all his study colleagues where often joking of him being a dancer and that he should do some real sports. Even though he tried to explain many times, it never arrived to them, that his stamina, abdomen, back & legs muscles are constantly trained through different types of dance trainings…

Well, let me tell you they were shocked when Robert with a real ease got the best scores of all his hard sporting mates. The faces of other guys were unforgettable and I had a really good fun there. Robert himself was surprised too, but this is how it works.


So let me tell you how this works.


Stamina trainings are very similar to threshold running trainings. Not many people realize that.

If you think, that a competing dancer has a boring life only learning some steps – you are very wrong. There are much more preparations and variety trainings going on. Like in other sports.

When you want to dance and win comps you need to have a very good stamina. No doubt about that.

You build it up by specially crafted trainings. If you aim high your body has to be well prepared for a very intense 2 minutes motion with intervals of 10 seconds breaks and repetitions (you need to present every dance). Your heart rate can easily come to 180 bpm. And it is very uncomfortable to do any activity at this rate. The beauty is when you can train your body well, so it can very quickly return to the normal heart rate.

There are many methods of training (if you are interested please write a comment with a question, than I will explained it in detail) the competitive stamina.


What is the biggest surprise?


You will not improve much the dance stamina through running. There are too many factors going on in the moment of dancing, which do not exist when you are running, like: know exactly what you are doing, dance with your partner, lead your partner, know your routines, see what is happening on the dance floor, listen to the music etc. These factors improve as well your psychological stamina. That is why the dance stamina you train by dance stamina trainings.

However the dance stamina trainings improve very much the ability of running endurance. What is more your head (mind) is already well trained and works with you. This is very helpful in long run distances. It is much easier to divide the energy and make a good strategy for a run. You can read here about how I run from 5 KM to 10 KM in 4 days.

Feel free to write a comment if you like this post or if you have questions. I will answer all personally.

Wishing you a great day 😉


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