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Every guy can dance, when he is open to learn. That idea brought me to create Gentdance. Being a dancer I developed a sixth sense for seeing missed opportunities by the guys who are not being able or daring to dance. 

Missing out on fun at a party, seeing wonderful new connections disappear towards the dance floor or just lacking self confidence to express yourself on the music. 

Being able to dance is so much more than moving nicely on music, it is a way of interacting with other people, of playing and having fun. Dancing is a way of communication and self expression. It is my goal to introduce as many man as possible in the possibilities dancing has to offer to enrich your life. 

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“Dancing?.. It was more than that. My girlfriend and I did a course with Anna. Before we started the dancing classes with her, we didn’t know anything about it. The way she taught us was professional with a personal touch. It wasn’t only about the correct movements, but also about being together. It changed our relationship at that moment…”

Harald Kor


“Thanks to Ania I felt like a pro during my first dance!

I learned many new steps. She managed to convince me that it is not so bad with my dance skills.

Ania is a great person who can draw 100% from everyone’s ability.

I am pleased that she taught us the first dance because everyone, just like us, was delighted.”


Student, Private Lessons

“Ania is a wonderful, warm and open person who has adapted the dance configuration to our capabilities and is 100% a trainer worth recommending! 


We worked wonderfully together and we are very pleased. Our first dance aroused a lot of positive emotions in the guests at our wedding and we often return to the recordings of this most important day for us admiring what, thanks to Ania, we managed to work out and achieve. 


In addition to learning the first dance, we got from Ania a lot of tips on dance moves. If we could choose again we would definitely choose Ania again. She always adjusted dates to suit us, always on time and with many cool and interesting ideas! 


The most wonderful person we could work with before our wedding 😉 we recommend it with a clear conscience!”

K. Sidor

Private Lessons

“Thank you so much for taking the effort creating “Dance Moves for Men”. It was and still is exciting and sometimes hard to practice, but the results are amazing. I will keep on working and using the lessons to make something great out of it. So far so good!”

Adriaan Bink

Online Student

“All chapters create a logic sense.”

Peter N.

Online Student

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